cori & darin: e-session

Wrigleyville has my heart!
EEEEEEK! Cori and Darin booked me for their engagement session last spring and they had this vision to explore their own neighborhood and showcase the best of Wrigleyville! I think we did just that :)

You would never know it, but the night we snuck photos in front of the field, there was a game going on AT THAT VERY MOMENT but there were no people. Hello Covid-19. EW. But hey, we got some amazing shots in a neighborhood that is usually super packed in the summer evenings! 

These two are getting married next Fall in Tennessee in the middle of the mountains and I CANNOT WAIT TO PHOTOGRAPH THEIR WEDDING! It's just going to be the best time ever and I'm so stoked that I  get to be friends with Cori and Darin (Buck & Viv too!!)! Cori and I hit it off from the get-go with our shared love (erm...addiction?) to Bravo! I just love these two already!

Congratulations on your engagement!!


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