megan & tj: e-session

Y'all. My couples are the greatest folk.
I don't know what I did to garnish the amazing clients that come to me. Seriously. Megan found me through her BFF Devin, who was a 2019 bride of mine. Megan and TJ were at that wedding and as soon as she saw Devin's photos, she knew she had to book me. INSERT CRYING EMOJI NOW.

When it finally came time for Megan to book her photographer, she booked me without hesitation telling me; "if Devin loved you, that's all I need to know!" LIKE WHAT?! What did I do to deserve such trusting people?

I finally got to formally meet TJ and Megan this past weekend for their engagement session at Lincoln Park. AND IT WAS PERFECTION! These two are so much fun and easy to get along with. I feel like a broken record, but it's true!

I am obsessed with the outfits these two chose. It was the perfect ensemble for a late summer session. I can't wait for their wedding next May!!


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