mr. & mrs. cimaglia

The most perfect backyard wedding ever!
Bailey & Martin, like allllll the other Covid couples, have gone back and forth on their wedding date. They finally decided, "eff it," and put together a backyard micro-wedding on their original date. 

With only their closest friends and family, a tent and some local pizza, they said "I DO!" We found a local park down the street from their home to snag some formal photo of the two of them! It was gorgeous! The most perfect fall day, if I do say so myself.

Every minute of the day was pure celebration and you can see on their faces, they were just so happy to be husband and wife! I teared up during the daddy-daughter dance (what else is new?) as Bailey and her dad embraced for the entire song before her mom and siblings joined in. It was such a touching moment and you could just see the love amongst this entire family.

I was so happy to capture this day for Martin and Bailey!

Congratulations you two!


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