baker beach engagement session in san francisco

Benny, I don't think we're in Chicago anymore.
Talk about a breath of fresh air! HOLY COW I AM ON CLOUD NINE!

So the story on how we got here is kind of a "small world!" type of moment. Flashback to May 2019. I'm photographing Allie and Adam's wedding day and one of her bridesmaids is Lizzie. Cool. This was back when Tim was second shooting for me, FYI. So we get to Adam and Allie's reception and Lizzie's date arrives to party. Enter Ty. Tim is walking through the reception and runs into Ty. Double backstory: Tim and Ty go allll the way back to highschool! Tim proceeds to ask Ty why he is there and he explains he is dating one of the bridesmaids! Ty was legit at our own wedding, guys! 

Ok back to current time! Lizzie has been following me on IG ever since and declared to me when it was finally their time to say 'i do' I would know about it! IT IS TIME!

Ok so how did we end up in SanFrancisco? Ty got a job offer in SF so Lizzie followed! They are still getting married in Chicago, their hometown, but wanted to have engagement photos in their new home of SF. Bummer. BUT WAIT. It just so happened I would by flying to SF in June for my Napa Valley wedding, so we timed it while I was in town and HERE YOU HAVE IT!

I cannot wait to celebrate their big day next summer! In the meantime, I'm obsessed with these images!!

Congratulations you two!


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