stormy engagement session at wrigley building and north ave beach

When a storm pops up unexpectedly on the radar, you just keep shooting. 
Laura and Chris are tying the knot in just 2 short months! They wanted to do a quintessential Chicago engagement session to prepare! Bring in your leaders: Wrigley Building and North Ave Beach!

This session was during an overcast afternoon, but I promise you, I check the weather before I shoot, and there was no rain on the radar. Welp. We got to North Ave and had crystal clear views of that killer skyline. As I was shooting, I noticed myself having to adjust my settings often because it was darker and darker with each passing minute. Finally, I looked behind me and saw the DARKEST sky quickly approaching the city. We still hadn't done outfit number 2, so we ran them to the cars to change and by the time we got back out there...well. You can see the skyline difference for yourself down below!

Despite the crazy weather (it's Chicago, so I guess we can't even call it crazy) we were able to capture the pure joy these two share when they are together! Their brunch wedding in December is going to be so sweet!

Congratulations you two!



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