round 2 at the standard in rockford for postponed wedding reception

Chelsea and Joe finally got to celebrate their marriage the proper way! 
If you recognize these two, it's because they are already married! I photographed their ceremony back in spring 2020. This was when the COVID guest limits were sitting at 10. Joined by just their parents and siblings, Joe and Chelsea made it official on their original wedding date and decided that they would celebrate with their families and friends when it was safer. 

Enter fall 2021! Things finally got to a point where they felt comfortable to host 75 guests back at their venue! They did a small ceremony commemoration to honor their vows. They opened up a wine bottle from their 2020 ceremony and shared it together in front of family and friends who were unable to attend the first time. It was such a cool nod to their vows and that special day.

Despite the rain, we were able to take photos back at the ivy wall that we took all of their formals at last year. Chelsea had a totally different dress, so we still did a first look because Joe had no idea! I just loved how all over the day, there were nods of their original wedding. It made it so that guests felt like they truly didn't miss a beat! 

Congratulations on finally being able to celebrate the way you two deserve!



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