icy winter engagement session at wrigley building

The first shoot of 2022 is in the books! 
I'm literally so in love with this session! It's Paris meets winter in Chicago! The coats, the golden light and the love is just perfection! I will never tire of shooting at The Wrigley Building. There is just something so magical about that spot in the city. Sydney and Wil bared the cold temps (it was COLD) to get some quint-esssential Chicago photos. These two are tying the knot this Spring over in California, so they had to honor their town by doing their engagement session here!

Something about this session just gets me so excited for this season! If this is the starting point for 2022, I'm STOKED! I'm pretty proud of this session; it's just so pretty!

Congratulations to Sydney and Wil!



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