nighttime skyline proposal in west loop, chicago


WOW! This proposal is one for the books! The city lights were the only light we had for Scott to propose to his girlfriend, Rachael! Scott's sister, Shanna, reached out to me for photography to help her little brother. He was planning on using his own 30th birthday party to propose. Rachael planned the entire "birthday" party without realizing that everyone would be gathering to ACTUALLY celebrate their engagement! 

On the rooftop of their apartment complex, Scott walked Rachael up to the party room to "set up" for the party and his sister Shanna had told them to come outside to take some pics before people showed up. On the roof, a bouquet of flowers laid on the ground and immediately Rachael squealed "ARE YOU PROPOSING TO ME RIGHT NOW?!" I was pretending to be a resident just having a phone call up there, so when I swung around with my camera, she didn't even see it coming! 

After the intitial shock set in and she was aware of me, Scott told her there were a few more surprises. He walked her into the party space where their families and her very best friend (who flew in from out of town) surprised her with champagne and hugs!

It was so sweet to not only witness this moment, but capture it for these two! 

Welcome to wedding world, Rachael & Scott! 



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