windy engagement session at wrigley building and north ave beach

The Windy City showed itself!
This couple hits close to home for me! Jon is the step-son of one of my closest industry friends, Amy of Rustique Swan! When he proposed to Gabby in Mexico, Amy texted me the photos so excited! Fast forward to wedding planning time, and I got to chat with these two during their photographer hunt. It was kiiiiiind of a match made in heaven!

I finally got to meet them in person for their engagement session. I'm so glad they stuck with me, despite the intense winds towards the end! We started at Wrigley Building which, duh, is a classic and I'm never ever sick of photos there! You wouldn't know it by looking at the images, but Jon and Gabby had people standing on either side of them for most of the images taken.

We headed over to North Ave Beach and Chicago lived up to its name of being the Windy City (dont @ me, I know why it's really called the Windy City, ok!). We got some gorgeous photos in before the wind became too much and Gabby's hair became plastered to her head!

I'm so glad I was finally able to meet these two as I feel like I knew them long before I actually did! I cannot wait for their wedding day (they snagged THEE date of 2023: November 11!)

Congratulations you two!



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