mr. and mrs. woelfel

Where do I begin with this wedding day? I guess I should preface this by saying that Russell and Emily are two of the most down to earth, kind people I've ever had the honor of meeting. From day one with meeting them at a Starbucks, I knew that their wedding would be one I'd never forget. For starters, they are madly in love with each other. This was apparent throughout the entire day; Russell made sure his bride was happy and smiling the whole way through.

Details. Details. Details. There are so many, I sincerely hope I don't forget them all! Let's see; you'll notice an image of Whisky down there. Backstory to this whisky! Russell purchased this (very) expensive bottle when he was younger and promised himself he would crack it open only on the day of his wedding to his best friend. Well, as you can tell, that day arrived and he shared a nice shot with his groomsmen. While this was happening, Emily was putting on a pair of very special earrings. These belonged to her grandmother who has recently passed. They were the perfect touch to her look.  This couple is very into craft beer, in fact Russell works for Anchor Brewing Co. so of course, anchors were a theme throughout their day and they even stocked their cocktail hour plum full of it! You'll see that their cocktail hour also included the cutest grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters. Future brides; take note! They are so flippin' cute! Oh! Their first look was so much fun to be apart of. I made Russell give Emily a little twirl because her dress was open back and I wanted him to notice that. You'll see his reaction down below.

Last, but not least (because it was one of my favorite parts of the day) was their ceremony. You'll see an image down below with Emily's flower girls (yes, the grown girls wearing floral wreathes) carrying a wooden box. This box, as explained during their ceremony, is for the two of them. At the ceremony, they both put in silent vows; reasons why they love each other and want to be married. They explained that they are only to open the box when they need this reminder. They are to read the notes to each other and share the bottle of wine that is also housed in this container. Should they not need to this reminder, they can open the box at their 5 year wedding anniversary and share the contents. I just think this is the coolest idea, so intimate and romantic. ugh; heart mush.

I told Emily while she was still getting her makeup done that this wedding was straight off of Pinterest. I was correct. Their images are beautiful and so inspirational for not only a beautiful wedding, but a beautiful marriage. Congratulations you two! Enjoy your sneak peek :)


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