lindsay & phil: e-session

oh these two! I was so excited to meet with them and I'll tell you why: Lindsay mentioned to me that they found me on Instagram! A big goal of mine this year is to really beef up my instagram presence (go follow me if you don't already; @photographybylauryn) so when I learned that's how they got my name I was so ecstatic! Fast forward through our initial consult to this amazing engagement session last week! WOO! It's been quite a rainy spring and it's been difficult to plan these sessions (what else is new in Chicago?). We landed on this day and we decided rain or shine that it's happening. I love the moodiness the sky was giving us and despite it being chilly; you would never know with these two! I am SO excited to photograph their Fourth of July weekend wedding and's on a boat! YES! They are getting married on Lake Michigan! EEK! So happy for them and honored I am their photographer to capture their love for them!

PS: The flag in these images is not actually a flag; it's a tapestry!*


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