behind the scenes: 2017

HOLY. MOLY. 2017 was good to me guys! I'm always super transparent with my little cherub of a company and like to share my growth with you all. 99.9999% of the time, I'm a visual person. But when it comes to me evaluating my year, numbers are where it's at. So...story time!

I went full time with my company in 2014. That year, I spent my time working a lot of behind the scenes logistics and second shooting for other wedding photographers. I gained amazing experience and had two perfect couples that trusted me enough to capture their day! Now that I'm heading into my fifth wedding season, I CANNOT wait to see what 2018 brings. I can already tell you that my couples are AH-MAYZING!

Staying on this super transparent theme, I wanted to create a fun post to show all of my behind the scenes shots from my 2017 weddings! Tim is primarily my second shooter, so most of these are taken by him (some are of him!) in action. I always say in my initial consults with couples that I strive to get on a level that is friendship, so you seeing this facet of my business is important to me! I always have fun at weddings because this is more than a job to me, so enjoy taking a peek behind the curtain...errr...lens :)


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