mr. & mrs. serino

Happy 2018 friends! I can't believe 2017 is over and it's on to a whole new clan of gorgeous couples! My year kicked off earlier than normal with Sara & Andrew! I have to first start by saying that Sara impressed me from the get-go with her INSANELY amazing organization skills. She had every detail written out and made my job that much easier! So thanks Sara ;) 
We started the day where we ended it, The Drake Chicago. The bride spent her morning in the Princess Diana Suite (holy beautiful btw) where she was surrounded by her friends! This couple did things their way; the only formal bridal party was their Maid of Honor and Best Man, but they were surrounded by friends all day who served as their honorary wedding party. 
While Sara got ready in her suite, Andrew was on another floor with his guys and Tim was able to photograph all the moments! These two gave each friend a gift and it was so much fun to watch them all react! 

We headed to the church where all of the beautiful Christmas decorations were still up making a STUNNING backdrop to their vows. After they made it official, we all took a trolley around town hitting up some perfect photo spots that Chicago has to offer. While it was cold (15 degrees) it was a heat wave from the negative temps we've been having the past few weeks so we were able to stick it out! 

The party started back at the Drake which was dripping in gorgeous chandeliers and decor. Every moment of this day was perfection and it showed. I'm so excited to share this sneak peek with these two. Enjoy St. Lucia!


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