hannah & nathan: e-session

What is life?

Wow wow wow! These two are a dream come true! I've always dreamt of taking my business to the next level of "destination." I know I want to stay in the US as to not tempt work visas in other countries, so I'm all about Hawaii, California and coastal destination weddings. They've been a dream; until now!

Enter Hannah and Nathan. Hannah reached out to me originally about doing a downtown engagement session as their wedding will be in Napa. I mentioned to her that I'm down to travel and include her engagement session in her wedding package. After discussing the options, it was booked!

WE'RE GOING TO NAPA FOLKS! These two are the sweetest couple ever! They knew my love of dogs and tequila, so from the start, they knew we would get along juuuuuust fine. In fact, they even gifted me a bottle of tequila at the session! I mean; hello maragartias!

I'm so excited for their Cali wedding in 2021. Hannah promised to get me some real tacos. So like, let's just binge cheese wine and tequila, shall we?


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