mr. & mrs. meyer

Rain is magic!

What's a little rain on your wedding day? Alec and Alyssa didn't just get a "little rain" though! You wouldn't know it by looking at their smiles, but it was raining BUCKETS when we took all of their formals!

We started the day with some gray skies and mist, but the mood was bright and light! These two have been together since high school, so this day was a long time coming! 

Their gorgeous ceremony was full of laughter and happy tears. It was so special to watch her dad give her away as he had pulled me aside earlier in the day to tell me how big of a deal that moment was for him. We were able to quickly get him an image of that exact moment for his speech later in the evening where he spoke of finding a man to take care of his daughter. 

These two were troopers for their formals. They had joked that this was their favorite weather anyway: snuggle up and get cozy while watching Harry Potter! They told me they were hoping for rain as a reverse psychology! Haha-well, they got exactly what they asked for. But you know what? Snuggling up under rainy umbrellas are top notch romance in my book!

This was such a fun day to be apart of and I'm so excited to share this peek into the day!



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