gianna & ryan: e-session

There's nothing quite like fall in the city.

These two look like they walked straight out of a city rom-com! We had the most amazing day in Chicago (for being the end of November) and were able to capture some leaves still!

Gianna and Ryan are getting married in Florida next winter, but being that they are Chicago natives, they wanted to make sure they snapped some engagement photos in their hometown. Gianna had found me on IG and we had chatted for a bit before settling on a date! Fall is hard guys. Everyone always hopes for the peak color of the leaves, but not the cold. In this town, that is rough.

Gianna really wanted to try and get some fall color, but Olive Park was LITERALLY void of any leaves. At Wrigley Building, though, where we started the session, one tree was hanging on. Actually, in person, the leaves were already dead, but were still holding on somehow. I put them in front of the tree and said, I know it looks dead, but TRUST!

I'm so thrilled with this session as I think it just screams quintessential Chicago! 


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