mr. & mrs. cramer

No words. 

It's not often that I become speechless. I'm a talker. I can talk to anyone as if I've known them for years. But ask me about this wedding and I have no words.

I want to preface these photos by addressing something that EVERY couple says to me at the beginning of their photo process. "We are the most awkward people"

Everyone tells me that. With Mike and Anna, I had never met them in person until their wedding day. Sure, we had Facetime chats and phone calls, but never an in-person meeting. I just like to point out that even though I didn't know them physically, I was able to capture their love and make them comfortable as if we had known each other since our diaper days. *Steps off soap box*

Ok, now that I said that, back to this insanely beautiful day of theirs. I feel like Mike and Anna are another version of Tim and I. Anna is outgoing and extroverted while Mike is the calm and quiet rock. They have a little poodle mix: i.e Benny. Anna knew exactly what she wanted out of the day and Mike went along with it all. In that sense, I feel like I'm a kindred spirit with Anna. 

Every detail of this day is a favorite: the colors, the dog details, the handmade veil. Everything came together so beautifully for these two and I couldn't be more thrilled that I was the one to capture it all for them. Chicago gave us one last epic fall weekend and we had the most beautiful golden hour draped over the city at Ping Tom Park. 

After they did the damn thing and made it official in the most gorgeous church, everyone headed to their stunning venue, 19 East (now Mae District) where the architectural details shined. Anna is an architect so that was very important to her. Her vendor team really pulled out all the stops with this one! 

I'm in love with these photos and I know Mike and Anna are too ;) Enjoy you guys!

Vendor Team:
Photography: Photography by Lauryn
Venue: 19 East (Mae District)
Florals: Lilyput
Hair: Lauren Schavone
Makeup: Fearless & Bella
Dress: Lazaro @ Bella Bianca
Tux: The Black Tux
Catering: Food for Thought
Transportation: Way 2 Go
DJ: Tim
Paper: Silhouette Blue Stationery
Video: Tinky Weddings


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