Should I Do a First Look?

Yes. Yes you should. 
First looks are always a decision that needs to be made by a couple for their wedding day. This part of the day, known as the "first look" is when you opt for a reveal to each other prior to ceremony. I'll explain why this is super beneficial! PS. Yes, I did do one of my wedding day!

1. Release nerves

Wedding days can be full of anxiety. Often, the groom and the bride are both nervous for the events of the day. By seeing your partner prior to ceremony, it allows those nerves and anxieties to wither away. You can hug, kiss and feel like you're not alone! 

2. Photo Opportunities 

When you build a first look into your timeline for the day, it allows the opportunity for not only more photos, but almost ALL of your photo to be done prior to the ceremony. Many times with timelines that involve a first look, the formals between bride and groom happen immediately after. From there, we are able to do all of the bridal party formals because the bride and groom are already together. If we can get all of these images done before you get married, then the time we have later in the day (cocktail hour, golden hour, night shots, etc) is reserved for more creative photos and a chance to pop out! But if time doesn't allow, you're photos can already be done and you don't have to worry for the rest of that day!

3. Alone time

I'll be honest. You won't see much of your partner on your wedding day. You feel the pressure to mingle with guests, stay on track for timelines and be with friends and family! The only time you are really one-on-one with your spouse is during photos! Even then, your bridal party is likely there for a up front view of the shoot. Doing a first look allows you the chance to have 5-10 minutes just the two of you. It may be the only time you are alone the entire day!

4. Instant Gratification

I know a main reason couples are hesitant to do the first look is for fear of ruining the "aisle reaction." The BIG moment where the groom sees you coming down the aisle. You still get that reaction, friends! The nice thing about doing it at a first look is that you can immediately embrace, kiss, hug and enjoy the excitement together! When you come down the aisle, everyone has eyes on you and the ceremony starts right away. There is no chance to chat, hug or say "you look gorgeous" and soak in the moment. You are BOOM. Right in the ceremony. A first look eliminates that barrier. And think about it this way. When you are in the ceremony, by the time you DO get to hug and kiss, it's because you're husband and wife; the immediate excitement of seeing each other for the first time is gone and has evolved into a completely new moment. 

5. A Chance for Two Looks

If you have a veil, a fun way to switch up your look and photos is by doing a first look without the veil, and then coming down the aisle with the veil on. This way, your groom sees a different version of your ensemble down the aisle, and your photos later in the day can look different from your first look photos! It's a chance to switch things up!

There are also a few other variations of first looks that have become popular. 

The first is the "blind first look." Counterintuitive, I know.  But this is the chance to have some photos taken together without ACTUALLY seeing each other. Many times couples will be back to back or have a well between them for a chance to say a little something or even pray together. 

The other first look is the daddy/daughter first look. I love these! It's pretty much exactly as it sounds. The bride reveals herself to her dad first! At this time of day, it's easy to cue the tears!

You can also choose to reveal yourself to your bridesmaids! If you choose this photo op, just know that USUALLY your maid of honor fakes her reaction, because often times, she is helping you get dressed.

I never tell my couples what do to. It is entirely up to you and your partner on how you would like your day to go. I can only speak from experience and just let you know that from my couples who did opt for a first look, they never regretted it! 


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