7 Ways to Include Your Fur Child into Your Wedding Day

Wanting to include your fur child in your day, but not sure how? Here are 7 easy ways! 

If you don't by know, I'm a HUGE fan of dogs at weddings! I had three dogs at my wedding and made sure each one had something special on for photos. I just can't get enough of it. They are apart of the family and super important to us, so in my mind, it only makes sense.

If you're not sure just how you can incorporate your babe into your day, I've outlined 7 ways that I've seen in my career that I thought were tasteful and a lot of fun! Hopefully one of these ideas can become a reality for your special day:

1. Bridal Party Member

This one is pretty fun! Make your dog(s) apart of your bridal party! This can be the flower girl, ring bearer, dog of honor, or just another couple of feet standing by your side! At times, this option can get a bit stressful, so it's best to assign one person who's job it is to rangle the pup! 

2. Decor

This is the easiest way, in my opinion, to include your baby! It's easy to take one element of the day, such as napkins, and include a little illustration of your dog. This way, their presence can be felt without actually being there to cause a stir!

3. Doggy Treat Bar

I saw this done at one of my weddings and I've been a fan ever since! At the end of the night where the favors would be handed out, on the table was a treat bar set up for guests to fill a "doggy bag" of milk-bones to take home to their own pups! It was written as if it was a gift from the bride and groom's dogs! It was too cute! And Benny sure liked it too ;)

4. Photos Only

Another easy idea is to include your dog only in your portraits for the day. This can easily be arranged with your dog handler and can be way less stress on you throughout the day. Based on your timeline provided by your photographer, let your dog handler for the day know when and where to meet you for formals. We can then snap photos with your dog and the two of you and then they can be on their merry way! 

5. Specialty Cocktail

This one can get super creative! Many people are now designating specialty drinks on their wedding day and giving them fun names. Name one after your dog! It's another fun way to have them included in the wedding day without physically being there! And it makes for some cute detail photos too!

6. Getting Ready

If you plan on getting ready at your home, it's pretty much guaranteed that your babe will be there! Unless, you banish them for the festivities! When they are around us in the morning, I always make sure I snap some photos of you two getting ready together. Even if they aren't going to be at the activities the rest of the day, it's a chance to snap a cute photo together for their "gotcha day" or birthday IG post. 

7. In Lieu of Favors

I haven't quite seen this one done as I write it out, but I have seen amazing opportunities that people have taken on their wedding days to make donations to causes that mean something special to them. Instead of doing favors for each guest, take that money and make a donation to a shelter or rescue. It's a great way of honoring your animals and helping those in need. In fact, I donate a portion of every session and wedding booked to a local rescue! The dogs will thank you :)

Bonus tip: it never hurts to get your dog or cat a special ensemble for the day too! Floral wreathes, collars, or bow ties are to-die!

And now, I present to you my own wedding photos incorporating THREE dogs! Photography by Deidre Lynn Photography.


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