wedding would be: maddy & chris

taco bell & twirls

Maddy & Chris were set to have their wedding on May 3. Due to Covid-19, they were forced to change their plans.

Throughout this whole process of helping my clients adjust to the new normal with weddings and handling the stress of postponements, I wanted to bring them a sense of calmness and ease. So I came up with "would be wedding" sessions!

Basically, let's do a shoot on your would've been wedding date so we can at least capture the day in a way that you can remember. Maddy threw on her bridal shower dress and the two celebrated their would be wedding date with a photo session and a Taco Bell reception with just the two of them in their car. 

I know they can't wait for October, but I hope these photos help ease some of the pain of losing their original plans.

PS. I'm doing this for all of my couple who had to postpone as long as it is legal for me to shoot on your would be wedding date!


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