ilyssa & matt: e-session

Can I just say it again...nothing beats summertime Chi!
Ilyssa and Matt are another couple of mine that it seemed from the very first "hello" we hit it off! Ilyssa is basically me in another body; we both love dogs, have an obsession of true crime and just so happen to dream super vividly...(weird flex, right?)! Matt is her perfect match and I LOVED learning their story about how they started dating and how their love has evolved to where we see it right now, during this session!

They brought along their baby, Theo, who is the most perfect bubba boy ever! As soon as I saw him, I said, "OMG he looks like an irish setter bred with a golden retriever!" Ilyssa said, "that's because that's exactly what he is!" I mean, I know my dogs, people. Don't @ me. You'll lose. 

Anyway, we spent the morning enjoying the amazing weather Chicago gave us by roaming around Lincoln Park and the lakefront. These two treated me to a patio lunch afterwards and it was a blast getting to know them better, but also witnessing them get 'iced' by our waitress who was eager to celebrate their engagement!

I just cannot wait to party with Matt and Ilyssa at their summer wedding next year! I LOVE THEM AND THEO! 

Congratulations you two!


  1. This is AMAZING!!!! I can’t express how much we love these photos! You are the BEST! ��


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