elisa & myles: e-session

I will never get sick of Leroy Oaks and my gorgeous couples being photographed there.
I was so excited to finally get to meet Elisa and Myles! They are such a chill couple, that I knew there would be no pressure and we could just have a blast at their session!

I was correct. These two have such a strong connection together, that anytime I would prep them for the next shot, they NAILED it after their first try. Seriously, they're really good at taking photos together! Myles refers to Elisa as his queen and that's exactly how he treated her throughout the entire shoot. They are so adorable together and you can just tell that they are each other's perfect match!

These two are getting married next Summer at the Boulder Ridge Country Club and I cannot wait to capture it! We popped some bubbly and celebrated their engagement during the session and I was able to learn all about the things they love to do together and (hopefully) gave them a great sushi recommendation. I don't know, did you guys like JuRin??

Congratulations you two!


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