mr. & mrs. tamalonis

The third time is truly the charm!
Anthony & Laura are finally married! These two really had several rough decisions this year. Their original wedding date was March 28. We all know what happened to that. They rescheduled for early August and as we know, that wasn't able to happen either. They let me know they were going to think things over and let me know how they wanted to proceed.

About a week ago, I got a call from them. They asked if I was available the following Friday to photograph their backyard nuptials. Of course, I was so excited to finally see these two have their special day! 

With about 40 family member and friends present on Zoom, and Laura's parents and brother in the yard, Anthony & Laura finally became husband and wife! 

Being able to photograph their love was such an honor. The way Anthony looks at Laura, he is madly in love with her. He always had a hand on her back making sure she was ok and whispering to her, "you look so beautiful." Like, HELLO ROMANCE! 

After their ceremony, we snuck away for some formal photos before heading back to their guests. All of their Zoom attendees participated in their cake cutting and speeches, even doing toasts over Zoom! It was seriously perfection. They did their first dance in front of three cameras set up at different angles so everyone felt like they were as close as they could be without physically being there. 

We popped champagne before I took off and left them to have their dinner together. Yes, COVID is changing things, but it's not stopping love.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Tamalonis!


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