brooke & sean: e-session

Question to all of my couples: how does it feel to be drop dead gorgeous?
Brooke and Sean; they are drop dead gorgeous together. Brooke is giving me Dorit vibes (Hey RHOBH!) and Sean gives you Justin Chatwin (hello Shameless!) The first 30 seconds of all of us meeting, they handed me a box of homemade chocolate covered pretzels. FOOD IS MY LOVE LANGUAGE!

Tim joined me for this session to be my official bag boy and the four of us had a blast shooting around the city! Brooke chose some classic Chicago staples for backdrops and I was so happy to get back to the Wrigley Building because...just look at it! You really can't go wrong with your photos at that location. It's gorgeous no matter what. And then you put these two in there and BAM! Instant engagement session goals.

We ubered over to Fullerton to grab some lake shots that ended up being pure perfection with their outfit choices. Blue on the lake is my favorite thing ever. We also ended up having the most amazing light casting onto the skyline that made my photographer self giddy!

I'm so excited that I get to witness these two get married and photograph it all! They are tying the knot next August at Moonlight Studios! 

Congratulations Brooke & Sean!


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