krista & dom: e-session

When you show up in the outfits you met in....omg 😍
Krista & Dom reached out to me to do their engagement session here in Illinois. They are getting married in Naples, Florida next summer, but wanted to capture their home state in this session!

Krista reached out to me after seeing TWO of her friends use me for their wedding. She even saw me in action at the weddings and after seeing their photos, she knew she wanted me to do this session for them! When the day came to shoot, I was so excited to hear their story.

Dom and Krista met online, but as soon as they met, it was instant chemistry and they both "just knew." Everyone says "you just know when you know" and these two lived that saying out. Less than a year after dating, Dom proposed! 

We did their photos at the Naperville Riverwalk because not only did they have their first date there, he proposed there! The first outfit they wore for their photos were the same outfits they met in on their first date! HOW STINKING CUTE! That bridge you see, it's the SAME SPOT! They made sure to make these photos have intention and I just love that.

I'm so happy for these two and I just know that their Florida wedding will be stunning next year! Congratulations you two!


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