bridget & chris: e-session

A quiet rainy evening in the city is SUPER romantic...just sayin!
Bridget and Chris are possibly the sweetest people I've met! From the moment they booked me, I could tell how excited Bridget was for photos! So when we had to reschedule our original date for their session due to protests, I just knew she was crushed! Fast forward to our second date and it got rained out. THIRD TIMES THE CHARM! It was misty, but not something we couldn't handle!

With bouquet in hand, Bridget and Chris met up with me at Lincoln Park and Fullerton Lake Front to take advantage of a romantic Friday evening! Because of the call for rain, everywhere we went was empty and we took full advantage of the views! 

Their shoot was so much fun and we ended our evening chatting about our favorite cuisines and what they had planned for their wedding day. I'm so excited to photograph them at Heritage Prairie Farms next fall (and to see what food they land on!) 

Congratulations you two!!


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