mr. & mrs. keller

Not even rain or COVID was going to stop these two!

Funny story! Melanie and I actually went to high school together, but were in different graduating classes. Her and Mike were attending a vendor showcase at their venue, The Brix (one of my FAVORITES) and I happened to be there educating couples on wedding photography! After my little schpeal, they came up to me and told me that they wanted to switch from their current photographer over to me because they resonated so much with what I was saying! That is such a huge honor!  It was then that I told Melanie, hey: i think we actually went to the same high school! We had an instant connection and everything was easy from the get-go! 

Like many couples, these two found themselves struggling with what to do with COVID affecting their plans. They decided to continue with an intimate ceremony with just their families and reschedule the party for next year. I'm so glad they did because it was the best hour they could've spent. Melanie's son walked her down the aisle and they include their parents and son in a family tree ceremony signifying the roots of their relationship and the growth that is bound to happen. 

I'm so honored to have captured this day for Melanie and Mike. I just know next year will be SO worth the wait too! Congratulations you two!!


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