kal & erica: proposal

Kal reached out to me weeks before he wanted to get down on one knee! He found a photo I had taken at Lincoln Park and DM'd me and said "Give me that!"

From that point on, we were in contact to plan Erica's proposal story! Kal and Erica have been together for 2.5 years, so it was time! Kal convinced Erica to spend the day at the Lincoln Park Zoo, but little did she know that Kal had arranged for me to be a tourist on the bridge! Thank God for technology, because Kal shared his phone location with me and I was able to track them and their Uber ride so I knew EXACTLY when they were walking up! Erica even mentioned to Kal before he stopped on the bridge that he was stopping in front my picture, LOL! 

After only a few seconds of Kal giving his speech, which he doesn't even remember what he said, Erica noticed I was taking pictures of HER and boom, she knew what was happening! 

It was the cutest proposal!! She had no idea it was coming and then quickly found out she was the last to know as EVERYONE was waiting for them at their engagement lunch! 

We snapped a few shots of them before they took off to celebrate, but I'm so thrilled I was able to be a part of this chapter of theirs!

Congratulations Kal & Erica!!


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