kelly & ken: e-session

 That December glow though...

For some reason, I've always tried to wrap up my shooting year before December. I've always been hesitant to work. Blame it on the weather, the darkness or just the feeling of being "done" with my year, but it's always been a rare occasion for me to be shooting. 

Welp. 2020 is different. I don't have that exhausted feeling from working all year and global warming has turned our Decembers into Novembers with milder temps and sunny days. I'll take it! So when Kelly reached out to me about doing her and Ken's engagement session, I jumped at it! 

Kelly has been following me on IG for awhile and she was so excited when she reached out to book her session. I always love getting emails like hers; the ones where the client has been just WAITING for her time to shoot me that email. When it's finally her turn! I was so excited to be able to get these two in front of my camera!

We had a mild day full of sunshine for Ken and Kelly's session. It was chilly, but bearable! The nice thing about photos is, you can't tell it was cold! They warmed each other up and just beamed with smiles the entire session! These two belong in a magazine and made my job so freaking easy! 

Congratulations you two!!


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