north ave beach proposal with chicago skyline

There's nothing quite like a surprise proposal with a Chicago backdrop! 
I really love photographing proposals! There's nothing really like it! 

Usually, I am able to come in pretty early and help with planning and logistics! In this case, Mario knew he wanted an epic backdrop and for it to be more of a private moment. Welp. The lake isn't too busy this time of year and we've been having decent spring weather, so North Ave beach won the bid!

I always like to keep my logistics clear and concise in advance because this kind of moment comes with high anxiety, DUH! Ivette had NO idea that Mario was planning this, let alone that I would be there to capture it all. She was so stunned and the minute I made myself known, I was able to hear their conversation about how in love they are and it is literally the warmest moment you could be apart of!

I'm so honored I was able to capture this memory for Mario and Ivette and I just know that they are already chatting about what's next for them!

Congratulations you two!!



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