gillson beach golden hour engagement session

Jeans and a tee are becoming a favorite e-session outfit of mine...
This shoot was seriously too much fun! I absolutely love it when couples put their full trust in my techniques to getting the shots! Jory and Caroline rolled with the punches (ok my prompts aren't punches, but you get what I mean!) and let me really have a ton of fun getting their shots! 

These two have the sweetest love story. It's your classic, "it was you all along" story! For their engagement session, they originally wanted to be at their venue, Michigan Shores Club, but we opted to head down the street and do the harbor and beach! I'm so glad we did because it was perfection!

I cannot wait for their wedding next May! I just know that these two will through one hell of a party!

Congratulations Jory & Caroline!



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