spring green engagement session at goodenow forest preserve

When in Ireland....I mean. Illinois. 
You know by now; I love Chicago. LOVE IT. But that doesn't mean that I don't strive to sometimes make Illinois look a little less Illinois. So when Bridget and Chuck booked me for their wedding in Indiana and wanted engagement photos at a preserve that's very "unflat" like Illinois, I was DOWN!

Throw in a little bit of their dog, Tucker, and we've got a winner! Chuck is an officer and he is Tucker's handler while on the job. Yup. Tucker is likely smarter than me! Despite Tucker being super obedient, he was able to have fun with mom and dad at this session!

I couldn't help but think that this location looked so much like Ireland. It was so green and had rolling hills, so I took full advantage. Bridget wore the perfect dress to tie into the scenery. I am in love with this session!

I cannot wait for their day next year! Turns out, I've already photographed Bridget's college roommate's wedding AND I'm photographing her cousins in 2 weeks! I love love love when I get into people's circles! 

Congratulations you two!



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