summer engagement session on the naperville riverwalk

It's finally time for these two to tie the knot! 
I cannot even begin to explain how ecstatic I am to have these two in the PBL family! Lindsey and Steve have always been the bridesmaid/groomsman and never the bride and groom! 

They've been together for 12 years! YES! She was a sophomore in high school when they first start dating. I've photographed two of their friends/family's wedding and we just kept running into each other. It became a running conversation between Lindsey and I that when she finally gets the ring, I want to know about it!

They have finally gone from getting their pictures taken as guests to having beautiful formals as husband and wife! Little bonus: i've put in some photos of them at my other weddings at the end of the blog! 

We had so much fun walking around Naperville Riverwalk; despite it being hot and sweaty! These two killed their session! I'm so so excited for their wedding next July at Montebello Estate! 

Congratulations you two!!


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