backyard farm wedding in manhattan

Ever seen a real life Barbie and Ken wedding? THIS IS IT!
This wedding was one of the weddings where everything fell into place in the most beautiful way possible! Kelly and Ken hired me only a few months before their wedding day. Kelly knew she really wanted me to photograph her day, but had to work out some logistics before finalizing the specifics on if I would be available for her day. I'm SO FREAKING HAPPY it all worked out!

They set up a tent on Ken's parent's farmhouse property and it reminded me so much of my own wedding! Gorgeous weather, liquor flowing and so much laughter! After they said IDO at the church, they had a classic get-away with cans and all attached to Ken's vintage Mustang! It was legit out of a movie!

Photography was super important to Kelly, so we made sure to build a timeline that allowed for ample time to capture the two of them around the farm. THIS is what you get when you prioritize photography on your wedding day! MAGIC!

I'm so so excited to share this blog because I am so in love with these images! Congratulations you two!



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