summertime chicago engagement session

I have no words for how beautiful this session came out!
Talk about a stunning Chicago session! We've got lakefront, we've got skyline, we've got downtown and we certainly have summer colors! Kristin and Jim are local to Chicago, but are having their wedding in Michigan next year! Naturally, they wanted to get as much "chicago" in their engagement session as possible since that wouldn't be happening on their wedding day!

We had to do a rain reschedule and it turned out our backup was Memorial Day weekend. I seemed to have forgotten that there are tourists in Chicago in the summer. Wrigley Building was PACKED with people. I've never seen it so crowded, but stick with me, baby! I'll get those shots for you!

After squeezing into Wrigley Building, we headed over to Lincoln Park and North Ave for my most popular locations! This night was quintessential summer and we had the prettiest sky and colors on the lake! 

Kristin and Jim knocked this session out of the park. I can only imagine how stellar their wedding photos are going to be next May!

Congratulations you two!



  1. All pictures are fabulous! Nice water color of lake, stunning skyline.If their engagement session is such beautiful how will be their wedding session!
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