art institute gardens + north ave beach engagement session

We have absolutely no fun at my sessions....LIES.
Lauren and Shane are another couple of mine that had their wedding fall victim to COVID. But these two didn't let that get in their way! They postponed until Spring of next year, giving themselves an easy out from anxiety and stress!

Originally, they weren't going to have an engagement session done, but given the delay in their wedding, they decided to get in front of the camera sooner rather than later! 

We started at the Art Institute South gardens where it's impossible to take a bad photo. Lauren was hoping for the purple flowers to be in bloom, but we had just missed them. Do you miss it in these photos, though? Because they are stunning either way!

From there, we headed over to the hot spot of the year, North Ave Beach! It was crawling with beach-goers, but we were able to find our own little spot on the trail and claim it for some fun skyline shots!

I cannot wait for these two to finally tie the knot in April. Until then, these photos can tie them over :)

Congratulations you two!



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