windy spring engagement shoot at north ave beach.

a taste of summer in chicago on May 2? OKAY!
I'm so so in love with this engagement session. Not only did the weather gods give us beauty in the city, I tried some new spaces in familiar places. LOL! Who am I? Ok Ms. Poet. 

Seriously though, Patrick and Pauline are a 2022 couple of mine that wanted lake photos for their engagement session. They said they were open to trusting me with other locations as well, as long as the lake was prioritized. So I took that and ran. North Ave is a hop skip and a jump away from Lincoln Park, so I suggested starting there to let the sun sink a little before getting to the water. BUT. Since they were totally open and not married to anything in particular in Lincoln Park, I took them to the building (statue??) that sits in the middle of the land. I had so much fun trying a new spot (well...newer to me) and capturing some images that aren't too overdone. We found a spring tree in full bloom, so I also took advantage of that before heading to the lake.

North Ave was popping this day with tourists and other photographers doing their sessions. I wanted to find a little nook that was more secluded and didn't wreak of the public. We snapped your classic skyline shots before heading over to a small inlet of sand that required some walking to. I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY WE DID THIS! 

The last shots of the night in this inlet ended up being my favorite of the day and look so tropical and not so "Illinois." 

I can't wait for these two to get married. If it's anything the way they served at this session, it's going to be one stunning day!



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