leroy oaks spring engagement session

Spring has arrived and so has engagement photo season!
EEEEE! I'm so excited to be shooting again! 2021 is looking so much better than 2020 as far as getting back to what we know as "wedding season!"Garrett and Danielle were my second engagement session of the year and they are the first domino to start my SUPER INSANELY busy 2021! 

I went to high school with Garrett and we would run into each other over the years here and there through mutual friends. Next I knew, he had popped the question to the most amazing girl, Danielle! These two are getting married at one of my favorite suburban venues, The Brix, next January, so we did some spring time photos for them! They could not stop smiling the entire time. I literally had to have Danielle take a pause so she could give me a "soft smile" but she just couldn't stop beaming with Garrett. THIS IS WHAT I LOVE! 

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I literally get jaw pains when I edit because I subconsciously grin from ear to ear while I edit. I just smile with you the entire time! 

I cannot wait for January to celebrate with these two on their wedding day! 
Congratulations G & D!



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