dripping in golden hour: a north ave beach engagement session

Despite a dog's RBF, this session GLOWS!

Melissa is one of my IG followers who knew she wanted to reach out before she got her ring! I LOVE YOU, GIRL! When Steve popped the question, it was time to get to planning!

Melissa knew right away she wanted their engagement session to be at North Ave Beach, so we scheduled it for the perfect summer evening and they brought along their babe, Max! Well, Max is NOTORIOUS for his RBF (resting bitch face) so much so that Steve was running him around the lakefront to get him panting for a smile!

Max wasn't feeling it. To be honest, I love his "dont give a fugg" expressions. It's the dog for me, always. We passed on trying to get Max to cooperate and instead shifted our focus to the love and laughter that Steve and Melissa share! These two just GLOWED (glew? idk) in front of the camera! 

I cannot wait to capture their infectious laughter on their wedding day next summer!

Congratulations you two!


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