golden hour engagement session at olive park

Literally golden; these two!

Melissa and Marc's engagement session is the pinnacle of golden hour beauty in Chicago! It was literal perfection! They coordinated perfectly, the weather was flawless and our skyline was showing off with some sparkly sunshine!

I'm so excited for these two! Melissa is one big bundle of joy and they exude so much happiness together! My jaw HURT after this session because I had a permanent smile plastered to my face behind my camera the entire time! I'm so happy that we were able to do their engagement session and I got a chance to meet them. Their origin story is straight out of a college stereotype and OMG are they just perfect for each other!

Their fall 2022 wedding cannot come soon enough. Until then, I'll have to settle with this session until I can get them in front of my camera again!

Congratulations to the future Mr. & Mrs.!


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