spring engagement session at olive park

Can everyone wear orange at Olive Park from now on?
Where to begin with these two? Linda and Joe are SO. MUCH. FUN! They are both temporarily in Chicago for med school, so before they head back to Texas for their next chapter, they wanted to recognize their time in Chicago! 

Their two fur babes, Kobe and Remi, tagged along with mom and dad and (kind of) stole the show! We started at the Wrigley Building which (whoops) we quickly realized it was St. Patty's weekend and the river was green and the hot spots were crawling with tourists. I found a new corner of the building that I'm obsessed with and will now be taking everyone there who wants Wrigley Building shots!

Good thing they also wanted to pop on over to Olive Park, because the lighting with Linda's orange dress was show stopping! I'm quite literally obsessed with these Olive Park shots. It was just too perfect! 

I'm so happy for these two love birds and wish I could follow them to Texas!

Congratulations you two (four)!



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