private estate engagement session in barrington

When I tell you my jaw dropped pulling up to this house...
I just love when new couples originate from old couples! Elizabeth was actually a bridesmaid in one of my 2016 weddings and has been following me ever since! It's crazy to me when I think about how Elizabeth has legit watched my business grow and my work evolve into what it is today.

When it finally became her time, she emailed right away. I'm talking like...they didn't even have a date yet! But I so love when couples pull me in that early because I'm able to help them through the process and advise on decisions with photography in mind. Peter and Elizabeth are getting married next March at Cafe Brauer, so when it was time for engagement photos, they really wanted to capture some nature vibes since the wedding will be in the city.

Peter and Elizabeth own and run their own local farm selling florals and produce and attending farmers markets alllll season long! So it was perfect that we would do the engagement photos at Peter's childhood home, right where he started his farming journey. 

This property was stunning and filled with fresh leaves and spring blooms! We had a such a great time walking the grounds and capturing their love. I cannot wait for their wedding next March!

Congratulations you two!



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