romantic spring proposal at olive park

When I tell you that Dennis is madly in love with Mickie, I'm not exaggerating! Dennis reached out to me on IG letting me know he was ready to propose (in the most romantic way) and wanted me to capture it all! The excitement radiated even through the phone and I could just tell that this boy was in love love.

I worked with him for a few weeks to get all the logistics figured out and the day finally came! I met up with Dennis' sister and mom who were there to set up the rose petals and photos of the couple. I was tracking Dennis the whole way as he made his way into the city, Mickie thinking she was headed to a Michelin dinner (sorry Mickie!). 

As they walked up the park for a quick photo op before dinner *wink wink*, Mickie saw the photos on display and she immediately knew something was happening, but funny enough, she didn't realize it was for her! When they got close enough to see that the photos were indeed HER, well, you can see in the photos! 

After the shock wore off, (idk it might not have worn off yet!) we snagged a quick photo session before they headed off to her second surprise: a full dinner with all of their family! 

I'm so so happy that Dennis pulled this off in the exact way he wanted to! Even more so, we had the most beautiful day for these images! 

Congratulations to the future Mr. & Mrs.!



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