springtime engagement session in the chicago loop

Claire and Mike are getting married! 
I've known Claire forever. No really. We're family! Claire's grandpa is my uncle, so I'll let you draw the lines, but either way, we've known each other forever. We never really hung out much unless there was a Labor Day cookout or a large family gathering, but we've always followed each other on social media. 

When Mike popped the question, Claire's grandma (my aunt) connected us for all things weddings! I'm so honored that they wanted me to capture their love for them! I haven't seen Claire in years, but it was like no time had passed. I loved seeing the dynamic between these two and it's so crystal clear that are literally made for each other! We had the best time walking around the loop area capturing any nature we could find that decided to bloom in this bizarre spring!

I cannot wait for their wedding day this October! Congratulations you two!



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