icy cold winter engagement session with toy poodle

The first session of a new year is always a special one! 
Does Winter in Chicago suck sometimes? Yes. But do sessions along the water in icy Chicago still make my heart melt? Yes. 

There is something so special about the quietness of the lakefront in the winter and the tones that the water and buildings take in winter light. It's kind of magic. So when Jackie and Grant ended up with a January engagement session, I was excited to capture the scenes at a different pace.
It was a cold one, and we certainly took some warm up breaks, but Jackie and Grant aced their engagement session with flying colors! We started at the Financial Building (always a favorite) and played paparazzi in the empty streets before heading over to North Ave for that epic backdrop. 

Gibson, the couple's poodle, met us over there and he kiiiind of stole the show! He was so so sweet and reminded me so much of Benny! The lakefront was calm and we were able to grab shots of that smooth lake water.

I cannot wait for these two to make it official this year! It's going to be perfect!

Congratulations to Jackie and Grant!



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