behind the scenes: 2017

HOLY. MOLY. 2017 was good to me guys! I'm always super transparent with my little cherub of a company and like to share my growth with you all. 99.9999% of the time, I'm a visual person. But when it comes to me evaluating my year, numbers are where it's at. So...story time!

I went full time with my company in 2014. That year, I spent my time working a lot of behind the scenes logistics and second shooting for other wedding photographers. I gained amazing experience and had two perfect couples that trusted me enough to capture their day! Now that I'm heading into my fifth wedding season, I CANNOT wait to see what 2018 brings. I can already tell you that my couples are AH-MAYZING!

Staying on this super transparent theme, I wanted to create a fun post to show all of my behind the scenes shots from my 2017 weddings! Tim is primarily my second shooter, so most of these are taken by him (some are of him!) in action. I always say in my initial consults with couples that I strive to get on a level that is friendship, so you seeing this facet of my business is important to me! I always have fun at weddings because this is more than a job to me, so enjoy taking a peek behind the curtain...errr...lens :)

Real Weddings: Inspiration Boards

At the end of each wedding season, I always like to do a sort of "wrap-up" blog post. The past two years, it was a collection of some of my favorites from each wedding. This year, I wanted to do something different. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a teaser for this post. I came up with this idea to create "inspo" boards from each wedding this year. Sort of a look book of each style that pulls together each of my couple's day in a way that pulls a thread through their themes, colors or decor ideas. My thought process behind this is two-fold; one: it allows these couples to see how their day came together and became a gorgeous and cohesive pallet. The second reason being that my future brides or newly engaged couples can see these boards and visualize how certain ideas play out throughout the many touch points in a wedding day. I loved each and every wedding that I had the honor of being a part of this year. As you can see, all were gorgeous in their own way!

If you want to see more of a specific wedding, just type the couple's name into the search bar here on the blog to see their full blog post :)

Anna & Tom: September 
Araceli & Gilberto: June
Patrick & Kirsten: August
Bob & Tim: April
Jason & Melinda: September
Matt & Kendra: June
Alexis & Steve: August
Megan & Collin: July
Nicole & Bill: June
Kacie & Alex: August
Dan & Kelsey: June
Lauren & Mike: July
Nicole & Jonathan: September
Lindsay & Phil: July
Eric & Tiffany: October
Meghan & Justin: November
Emily & Ben: November

Rachel & Jerry: December

mr. & mrs. helwig

There's no other way I would've wanted to wrap up my 2017 wedding season but with Rachel & Jerry. This wedding guys; straight out of a magazine! Rachel and Jerry are high school sweethearts; been together for FOUR.TEEN. years! So it's safe to say, Rachel has been waiting for this day for a long time. Every detail was thought of and not one was missed. We got so incredibly lucky that in December, it was 55 degrees and we had the most epic golden hour! Everything from the incredible florals, the gold and silver accents and the stunning ( I MEAN STUNNING!!) beaded gown; everything was perfection. I'm so happy that my year ended with this couple and this day and this wedding. It was such a feel good day all around and we had so much fun being in the presence of these families. I know you two are in Aruba, but please enjoy this sneak peek into your Best. Day. Ever!

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