Desert engagement session at Lost Dutchman Park, Phoenix, Arizona

I....i..I don't know where to begin.
I'm just on cloud nine! Sarah and Shane are getting married next Spring in Phoenix at the Desert Botanical Gardens. They hired me for their wedding, so naturally, I flew to Phoenix for their practice round engagement session!

I'm obsessed! Sarah and I have actually never met, but we've always known about each other. Our moms are high school BFF's, but Sarah moved to AZ when she was six, so we never grew up together or played together. Her mom, Tammy, has always been a huge fan of my photography, so when it was Sarah's turn, she knew she would be calling me! I AM SO EXCITED THEY DID!

I love Chicago with everything in me, but it's always nice to play somewhere new! The desert was definitely an exciting challenge (see: blaring sun). But I was up for it and I'm pretty much obsessed with this session. It just got me so pumped for their wedding in the spring. ITS GOING TO BE STUNNING!

Shane and Sarah were the most amazing hosts for my quick weekend trip to visit them. They treated me to In N' Out and mexican food (see: multiple margaritas) so we're basically best friends forever now. 

Enjoy these stunning photos and congratulations to Sarah and Shane!



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