mr. and mrs. lopez

I feel like I always start my blogs with "GAH I LOVE THESE TWO!" but I really do! I love all of my clients and I'm so happy that we all feel that way! Kaellen reached out to me last year and we quickly realized that we basically played like 3 houses away from each other growing up! Grew up in the same town, we're the same age and know mutual people! Funny how small the world really is. So when it came time for her and Mario's big day; I was ecstatic for them! These two have been together since 2008 (that's 10 freaking years!) so it was about time that they do the damn thing (in Becca's voice i.e bachelorette reference). They were wed at Itasca Country Club and it was nothing short of spectacular. Black and white with touches of neutrals will NEVER go out of style my friends. Each bridesmaid wore a different LBD and it was just iconic. The day was perfect minus one set back of Kaellen's shoes breaking (the ones pictured below). They never were actually worn. RIP wedges. 

I do have to mention one more detail. When you get down to the cake cutting photos; please note Mario's reaction to eating the cake. This day was his FIRST. TIME. trying cake of any sorts. WHAT?! You cray Mario. He didn't even really care for it! That's ok; I'm more of an ice cream cake girl myself. 

I hope you two enjoy this sneak peek as much as I enjoyed photographing it and putting it together for you! Enjoy :)


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