gabby & matthew: e-session

Chonky frenchy + gorgeous mom and dad=my dream come true!
Gabby reached out to me via IG saying that they wanted an engagement session all around Lincoln Park! Matthew, Gabby and Alfred are moving out of the city and to a new state, so it only made sense to commemorate their time in our gorgeous city with their engagement session all around the neighborhood!

The Lily Pond is a special place to them, so we started there and grabbed some stunning pond shots! I love that spot in the city! It's a quiet little oasis and feels like such an escape from the hustle and bustle. We then took Alfred to the lakefront to snap some lake shots for this little family to remember their walks together! 

Their apartment is super important to them, so we made sure to grab some shots in front of their stunning historical building! These two are getting married in Columbus next Fall, so I'm so happy I could preserve their memories in Chicago through these photos!

Congratulations Gabby & Matthew (and Alfie)!


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