mr. & mrs. kinnison: anniversary session

 Do you know about Legacy Sessions?

I'm so excited to ACTUALLY put it out there! I'm now offering "Legacy Sessions" for all of my former couples!

What are legacy sessions? GREAT QUESTION! SO GLAD YOU ASKED!

Legacy sessions are sessions that grow with you as your life changes and evolves. Maybe your family grows by by four paws or two little feet! PBL grows with you now! 

I'll be offering maternity sessions, newborn sessions and family sessions exclusively to my previous PBL couples, ONLY! 

Phil and Kelly were married almost two years ago, so they planned an anniversary session, but with a BUMP! They are expecting! So we did an anniversary//maternity session for them! 

I so enjoy watching my clients grow, so this is a fun way for me to stay part of the fam :)



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